When is the Biohazard Clean Up Team Required?

We provide emergency response to a crime scene where blood or bodily fluids have been present. If you find yourself in a messy biohazard, call us 24 hours a day. In most cases we’ll be on-site within the hour and our cleanup technicians can handle any size job from residential homes to large retail spaces.

When there has been an infectious disease or death, you’ll need to contact a professional biohazard cleanup team. Biohazards can include blood borne pathogens, potentially harmful substances that cannot be treated with household cleaners like bleach or soap.

Biohazard Cleanup Colorado Springs is an emergency response to a crime scene where there was blood or bodily fluids and needs to be professionally cleaned up as soon as possible, so contact us today!


Crime scene cleanup in Colorado Springs offers a variety of services for biohazards, hazardous materials and debris. Our team is certified and trained in biohazard cleanup, hazardous material containment, as well as crime scene cleaning.

We provide emergency services 24 hours a day/seven days a week for any event that involves blood or bodily fluids. From criminal activity to unattended deaths of people or animals, to car accidents or fires.

Our technicians are committed to providing a safe and sanitary environment for everyone from the scene of the crime as well as any responders that may be involved in the process. We also offer services for blood spills, unattended death cleanup, accident cleanup, trauma scenes and more!

To learn more about our biohazard cleanup services, give us a call at (719) 294 3770.


Reach Us! Our crime scene cleanup family here at Crime Scene Colorado Springs is accessible as needs be and accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days every week.

Why choose professional assistance with Crime Scene Cleanup Colorado Springs?

Most people think that they can clean up a crime scene all on their own. It is important to understand, however, that crime scenes are full of hazardous substances and fluids which means without specialized training there is no way to know what you’re actually cleaning up. Erasing all traces of a crime scene takes time, preparation, and safety measures.

Crime scenes are littered with hazardous materials and bodily fluids, which means there’s no way to know what you’re actually cleaning without specialized training. It also takes time to properly prepare for sanitizing an area after determining potential hazards at hand. This is where Crime Scene Cleanup Colorado Springs comes in. They handle the clean-up, disposal and sanitization of all types of crime scenes with professionalism and care, making your trauma a little less traumatic for you.

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