Our Crime Scene Cleanup Process

It’s not a surprise that Crime Scene Cleanup Colorado Springs up is one of our most common requests. Incidents may be caused by natural disasters or human accidents, but the result can leave behind an unpleasant reminder for those who live with it every day. Worse yet, if cleanup isn’t done quickly, victims may be exposed to contaminants.

We start by identifying the risks and contaminating substances in the area to determine what materials we need for cleanup. We also take steps to limit access so that no one compromises the safety of themselves or others during this process. Then we use specialized equipment to extract as much fluid as possible. We’ll also provide safety equipment, such as masks and footwear so we can do our job safely while protecting the space from further contamination.

After that, depending on what contaminants are present in the environment or fluid, we may need to decontaminate surfaces with chemicals before using pressurized steam for cleaning up any remaining fluids. Any non-porous surfaces are then thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned.

Finally, we’ll dispose of any hazardous materials like medical supplies or body fluids properly in accordance with local regulations so there is no risk for future occupants to come into contact with these contaminants again. We also remove odors from the environment by using a deodorizing solution to neutralize any unpleasant smells.
Crime Scene Cleanup should be done by professionals, like us. Crime Scene Cleanup Colorado Springs works quickly and professionally with all the necessary safety equipment so we can do our job safely while protecting your space from further contamination.


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Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Service in Colorado Springs

Crime Scene Cleanup Colorado Springs is a local business and has been in the industry for years. We offer 24/hour emergency services and are available around the clock 365 days of the year. We provide and professional crime scene cleanup service at affordable rates to help you get back to normal life after an unfortunate event with as little disruption as possible.

Crime Scene Cleanup Colorado Springs is able to offer a service that has proven time and again the ability to help you get back on your feet after experiencing such trauma. Our work starts at the moment of incident and continues until all physical evidence from any crime scene or accident are removed completely with care and respect.

We specialize in Crime Scene Cleanup, Blood Clean Up, Loss of Human Remains and Biohazard Cleanup for homes and businesses.

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